Nedeljivi. Atomi? Ne, delci!
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Post by aberveznik » 8.5.2006 20:10

Ali kdo ve, kako se po slovensko reče delcem, ki so v angleščini "strangelets"?
Hvala že vnaprej.

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Post by btasko » 10.5.2006 19:40

Ne vem kateri so to delci lahko pa da bo to komu pomagalo...

Strangelets are tiny but dense clumps of matter that were theorized two decades ago, but no one has ever seen them or proved they exist. They are thought to have formed during the Big Bang and inside dense stars and are made of subatomic particles called quarks and strange quarks. They are presumed to be 10 million times more dense than lead and to travel largely undetected through space at roughly 1 million mph.


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