Moja spodbuda Ricardu Dawkinsu

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Moja spodbuda Ricardu Dawkinsu

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If you think the scientific mind is the most advanced intelligence in the universe yor are ignorant. The real intelligence has the origin in subjectivity. Remaining in the mind you are able to use only the reason which ontologically is far beyond intelligence. We are using scientific reason now for more than 200 years intensely and we are on the edge to destroy the planet. Searching and discovering subjectivity will lead us out of the crisis in which we are. Scientific mind avoids searching subjectivity because he wants to remain the boss in the house where his right place is a servant. In the human being, the real boss is the subjectivity. Once we place subjectivity as our main goal, we will reach abundance, peace, and prosperity. Subjectivity is the core of life and cannot work against it. Mind overpowered with the sich idea of profit is the cause of the main ecological damages happening on this globe. Mind love for money is much bigger than his love for life. Subjectivity places life ahead of the profit. That's why subjectivity is the only way out of the today suffer and chaos. ... :D

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Re: Moja spodbuda Ricardu Dawkinsu

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Čuj, Srečko, je tale tvoj RICARD Dawkins kaj v sorodu s slavnim opinion makerjem RICHARDOM? :lol: :lol:

Še nekaj linkov o šarlatanu Deepak Chopri, ki se mu smeji vsa znanstvena srenja, on pa veselo nateguje tebi podobne:

"... he’s a charlatan, pseudoscientist, and—to be frank—a spouter of bullshit." ... wn-tweets/

Deepak Chopra Is Selling $350 Meditation Glasses. Deepak Chopra Is A Fraud (naslov članka) ... 4bf98c010a

Deepak Chopra is a fraud. ... vice-bogus

Deepak Chopra believes 'the effect of meditation on the enzyme telomerase … has the power to slow ageing'. ... s-illusion

Deepak Chopra is deliberately deceiving people to make a quick buck. And it is unfortunate that the gullible people fall for this sort of mumbo jumbo every time.
https://www./forums/showthread.php?1113 ... -charlatan

Professor Jerry Coyne explains why Deepak Chopra is nothing more than a fraud. Deepak Chopra is mad. Mad because someone like Richard Dawkins calls his belief system worse than religion, .../

Dr. Deepak K. Chopra (born 1947) is the deepest most visible public proponent of mind-body woo, quantum woo, and alternative medicine (specifically Ayurvedic medicine). He is a writer of New Age self-help spiritual books that say generic pleasant things that anyone could appreciate in almost any setting like "look around you[note 1] at the beauty of the Earth" as well as his genius breakthroughs in human understanding: "to think is to practice brain chemistry."

Richard Dawkins exposes charlatan Deepak Chopra

Takole pa je profesor Dawkins raztrgal goljufa in samoreklamerja Deepaka!

P.S. Prav neverjetno predvidljivo je, kako se najdejo šarlatani z vsega sveta, celo iz daljne Indije in se trepljajo drug drugega po ramenih ... Tudi naš Srečko se ni mogel upreti tej skušnjavi ... :lol:

P.P.S. Ker sistem dovoljuje samo 5 URL naslovov, sem moral pri ostalih izpustiti "https://".